Does it matter what condition my car is in?

Not at all – simply specify whether it is a non-runner or not, and we’ll do the rest. As long as it has 4 wheels, we can take it - even if its accident damaged.


My vehicle has no Tax or MOT, does that matter?

No, we accept MOT failures and non-runners. As it would be illegal to drive a vehicle without any tax or MOT we would recommend you only use a reputable company such as ourselves to dispose of your vehicle in this case. 


How much will you charge in administration fees or collection costs of my unwanted vehicle?

Nothing at all! The price you see is the price you get. We factor our costs into the quote we give you so you aren’t left with a nasty surprise at the end of the transaction.


I’ve requested a quote - what’s next?

Our team will check your information and provide you with an accurate quote as soon as possible. We don’t agree with harassing people for custom so will leave the ball in your court. If the price is agreed (subject to viewing), we will get the ball rolling and arrange collection of your vehicle as soon as possible. We can collect your unwanted vehicle from your home or workplace at a day and time convenient for you. Payment will be made to you upon collection of your vehicle.


What does 'Subject to viewing' mean?

The quote you receive from us will be based on the information you have provided to us, before we commit to that price we must visually check the vehicle is as stated. This could mean an increase or decrease on the original price given, however through our years of experience in the industry we are confident the agreed price is what will be given.


Why should I use you instead of selling my car privately?

Of course that decision is up to you! However, most people these days don’t want the hassle and advertising costs associated with trying to sell their car – timewasters, multiple test-drives or simply dealing with complete strangers can put people off. We can take all that away for you with a simple business transaction with a company you can trust.

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